Lewis Hamilton has proposed Charles Leclerc must have received”different consequences” for forcing him off the trail at the GP, claiming”the new generation get away with a lot more”.
Hamilton and Leclerc were secured in a duel for much of the enthralling race of Sunday however, in their experience at the second chicane of Monza, the Mercedes driver has been squeezed wide and on the area when attempting to make a go around the outside.
Why did Leclerc get a warning?
Report: Leclerc holds Mercedes pressure off
Leclerc was handed a shameful flag, a warning, following the incident proceeded to secure a home win while Hamilton dropped back into third and but avoided a penalty.
“It looks like the new generation get away with a good deal more because distance of the way that they manoeuvre their automobile in contrast to, I would saythe more seasoned drivers,” Hamilton, who explained he had to”prevent the crash”, told Sky F1.
“But it’s fantastic knowledge – now I understand – and, yeah, look ahead to another one.”
Hamilton then appeared to wonder why Leclerc wasn’t given a time penalty.
“We have just always asked for consequences,” he further added. “There was a rule set in place and it wasn’t abided by today.
“They used distinct impacts for the rule today but I do not know why that was the circumstance. I guess the stewards awakened on another facet of the bed .”
Was Leclerc given a’card’?
The Usage of this black-and-white flag in the incident was explained by the race manager once he joined Sky F1’s Anthony Davidson at the SkyPad next Sunday’s race of the FIA.
Wolff defence’perhaps a bit on the border’
Mercedes manager Toto Wolff praised Leclerc along with Ferrari’s performances over the weekend, as their nine-year Monza victory drought was finished by the Scuderia.
But the Austrian reckons the stewards’ Leclerc calls could have gone the other way also.
“He drove a hard but brilliant race and Ferrari had the most powerful bundle, no doubt about this,” Wolff told Sky Sports.
“We threw everything at themtwo of our men , and it was not enough.
“In regard to the driving, it had been possibly a bit over the edge but what’s the consequence? Would you want to give him a penalty in Monza? I believe we’d have experienced riots here”
Wolff included:”I’ve got so many issues in my personal life to type out I really don’t wish to own Michael Masi as well as the FIA’s problems, since this is another problem they’ve got! We would like to see hard racing but just how much does the leniency move? You could have given a punishment for both episodes – the one pushing against off Lewis and also the other one being a bit feisty.
“But I’d like to give him the charge: they even won the racethey had the most powerful car here and consider this [the air ].”
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